Saturday, July 02, 2011


Cliffs by Clover_1
[As transcribed by Daddy]

Happy Canada Day! Wow, so many big days all in a row... last day of Kindergarten, Gammy's birthday, and now Canada Day. There's a lot to be excited about!

Once we dragged Daddy out of bed, we all had a lovely pancake brunch, and then made plans to go Strawberry picking, which I was very excited about. Unfortunately, once we got to the patch, we discovered that the berries were done for the day (?) so we had a picnic instead, followed by a little mini-hike through the woods. All-in-all, it was okay.

When we got home, we were exhausted (it must be the summer heat, because we didn't hike for very long) and took it easy. My folks were hoping to keep me awake in order to see the fireworks at the nearby park, but I started throwing mini-meltdowns at about bedtime, so... maybe next year. I DID get to play with sparklers out on the front lawn, however. That was awesome.

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