Friday, August 12, 2011

The Home For Mentally Disturbed Parrots

Parrot Conversation by Clover_1
[As transcribed by Daddy on August 13th]

I was pretty sad to leave Errington this morning - I really liked our little place, and the family who own and ran it. Ah well. The first thing we did was visit the local home for mentally deranged parrots. That's right - a refuge for crazy exotic birds. I don't know why, but it never occurred to Daddy that it might be kinda loud in there. Anyway, it was weird, but cool. I had a long chat with a little green parrot, Mommy made friends with a Cockatoo that wanted to eat her pullover, and a massive blue parrot swooped out of nowhere and landed on Daddy's head.

Once that insanity was done with (Daddy could have done without watching birds eat themselves alive due to depression), we went to a local farm and tried out several variety of cheeses and visited a (non-parrot) petting zoo. Then it was off to the Parksville community beach for a picnic, a romp in the playground (I loved the zip line) and a visit to the amazing international sandcastle competition!

Finally, we began the drive to the ferry dock just outside of Duncan. Mommy had a sore back, so she snoozed for most of the trip. The ferry ride to Salt Spring Island was really short - we found our new little cottage, and then went to Ganges for dinner. This island sure has changed a lot since my parents were here on their honeymoon.

That reminds me… today is their tenth wedding anniversary! It was kind of a non-event… in fact, Daddy forgot to even give Mommy the tin toy train he bought her as a gift.

Ten years and counting! Amazing! Happy Anniversary!


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