Friday, August 05, 2011


Safety Instructions by Clover_1
[As transcribed by Daddy on August 7th]

I somehow managed to get through the night, despite my sheer excitement for the day's journey. Once I was up, Mommy and I did some last-minute packing and sorting… we delivered Dennis' crate (and Dennis himself) to Gammy and Grandpa, who will be looking after him while we're on vacation.

Daddy came home from work in the afternoon - Mommy and I took Dennis for one last walk, and then once we got back, the airport limo arrived, which caused me to should and exclaim "THE LIMO IS HERE!" despite not technically even knowing what a limo is.

We went to a restaurant at the airport, but… they lost our food! We ended up waiting until we couldn't wait any longer, and then boarded our flight for Edmonton. I kept my headphones in pretty much the entire time, which meant every time I spoke, I was REALLY LOUD. I weaved a pot holder during the flight, which I was pretty proud of. I was really well behaved for the whole thing.

Daddy traded in our rental car for one that would play his iPhone, once we arrived. We drove in to Edmonton and found Naisa's place pretty easily… It's so late for me that I crawled into bed with visiting Etana (who was already asleep) and passed out.


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