Tuesday, August 09, 2011

The Queen of Oak Bay

Ferry Wind by Clover_1
[As transcribed by Daddy on August 10th]

Mommy and Daddy and I left Kamloops pretty early this morning, as we had a lot of ground to cover. We even changed our route up a bit, due to some traffic reports… instead of heading to Vancouver via the desert and Whistler, we headed south via Hope. Still, it was a scenic drive… and it took way faster than any of us expected.

We had lunch in Abbotsford, in an unassuming little mini-mall sushi restaurant which turned out to be fantastic. Then we drove on through Vancouver over to Horseshoe Bay, where we waited and waited for the ferry to load up and leave. I was pretty awesome during the wait, but turned into something of a spaz once the ferry left. I really did have a blast aboard the Queen of Oak Bay… I thought it was amazing!

Once we arrived in Nanaimo, it was a quick drive over to the Bed & Breakfast we have reserved… or should I say, the private villa we seem to have accidentally rented. This place is amazing! We may never leave! Even though it was pretty late, we drove all over Parksville until we found a restaurant. I ate a massive bowl of mussels at a pretty fancy establishment.

Once again on this vacation, I'm up waaaay past my bedtime.


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