Saturday, August 13, 2011

Salt Spring Island

Ruckle Park Panorama by Clover_1
[As transcribed by Daddy on August 14th]

We've officially run out of clean clothes and stuff, so Mommy and Daddy and I spent the morning in 'downtown' Ganges searching for a laundromat. Eventually we found it, with some help from the local chamber of commerce. We did two loads of laundry while I played in the playground.

We went back to the Treehouse café for lunch, which was great (again) and then finally walked around town and had some delicious gelato. Then it was time to do some grocery shopping and head back to our cottage, where we prepped for a massive hike.

We drove out to Ruckle park, which like everything else around here, has really changed over the past ten years since Mommy and Daddy were here on their honeymoon. There were campgrounds all over, but we still managed to enjoy the tide pools and rocky crags and stuff… and even found a rainforest hike. Due to how well it's been kept, Mommy and Daddy think they were probably the last people to walk it, back in 2001.

We were all pretty exhausted (a two and a half hour hike!) so we went back to the cottage for our first home-cooked dinner since Edmonton. Mommy and Daddy and I laid Carcassonne on the floor, and then it was bedtime!


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