Monday, September 05, 2011

Bike Triumph

Ferry Wait by Clover_1
[As transcribed by Daddy on September 6th]

We all slept in a little bit this morning, which caused us to really hustle when we realized we were gonna be late for our brunch with Kristen downtown. I think we set a land speed record for getting showered and downtown. Anyway, brunch was awesome - it's always awesome to see Kristen... and this time a little bittersweet, because we won't see her again for several months at least.

Once we got home, I went for an incredibly successful bike ride! With Daddy holding my handle bars, I made it all the way around the block without freaking out, getting upset, crying, or stopping! It was amazing! I was so happy... my new mantra was "Stay Positive."

Mommy and Daddy and I also went to Fairview mall to find a new hat for me to wear to my first day of Grade school on Tuesday, but we couldn't find anything. Luckily, once we got home, Mommy made me an awesome beret.

Listening to: Foster The People - Torches


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