Sunday, September 04, 2011

Fun on the QEW

Asulkan Trail 03 by Clover_1
[As transcribed by Daddy]

As soon as Daddy was back from his early-morning chiropractor's appointment, Mommy and Papa and Daddy and I loaded into the car and headed for Buffalo International Airport along the QEW in order to drop Papa off. Unfortunately, we got totally slowed down by traffic volume, despite the apparently ample time available. Daddy drove faster than he thinks he ever has in his entire life (!) when possible, but we still ended up arriving at the Airport too late.

Luckily for us - Papa's flight was delayed! So everything was fine! We said our goodbyes and sadly saw him off. What a great visit we all had!

Mommy and Daddy and I went to the Galleria mall in Buffalo (where we had lunch) and looked at some stuff, then went over to Target and looked at some stuff, bought some odds and ends, and then headed home... which, once again, took forever due to an endless length of roadside car crashes and accidents.

We had a little bit of dinner when we got home, and then I had a really hard time going to sleep.

Listening to: Patti Smith - Outside Society


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