Sunday, September 18, 2011


Reflective Beach by Clover_1
[As transcribed by Daddy]

This morning Mommy and Daddy and I braved the many closed highways and weekend traffic to hit Fairview Mall, where the world's oldest optometrist works. Mommy and Daddy got their eyes tested, and then it was my turn - and it turns out that I actually need glasses! It's mixed emotions for my parents, but I'm pretty excited. We got to go and pick out frames and everything. I should have them in about a week!

Next up, we had the dim sum lunch I was promised last night. Between the three of us, we packed away quite a massive amount of food! Following that, we drove out to Stoufville, where we met up with our friends Lisa, Matt, and Leo, and we all did some apple picking! What a great time... Leo and I had lots of fun. There was a corn maze, a tractor ride, pumpkins, and everything! I really didn't want to leave.

Before bed, Mommy and Daddy and I finally got down to watching Star Wars, starting with Episode I. I tell ya - that Jar-Jar Binks guy is pretty funny!

Listening to: Anthrax - Worship Music


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