Friday, September 30, 2011

Cavities and Pianos

New TARDIS 05 by Clover_1
[As transcribed by Daddy on October 1st]

After psyching myself up, Mommy and I went over to the mall, where the dentist's office is. Mommy offered to sit in the room with me while the dentist filled my cavity, but they suggested that she wait in the other room. They applied a topical gel to my gums to numb me, and then I felt a little pinch (I had no idea a needle was ever involved) and then my face was numb! No crying, no complaints! I was in and out of there no problem. My parents were so proud of me!

I had school in the afternoon, which was fine... my face was still slightly numb, so that was funny. After school, Mommy took me over to Topham Park, where I had my first-ever piano lesson! My teacher was a boring older man who just read from the textbook, and the class was held in a tiny little room, but I still liked it anyway. Mommy is going to keep an eye out for a better tutor in the meantime.

I drew an endless amount of drawings and cartoons of people, which I cut out with scissors and left all over the house. A nice way to end a busy and eventful day!


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