Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Sugar Babies

Ferry Glee a video by Clover_1 on Flickr.

[As transcribed by Daddy]

Well, I was finally feeling well enough to get back to school (and Daddy was feeling well enough to get back to work). Alas, my teacher wasn't - I had a supply teacher for the first half of the day. Luckily, she returned after lunch, and assured me that I hadn't missed anything while I was sick.

So, I'm taking a media literacy program as part of my first grade curriculum, and one of my creative pursuits was to create, brand, and market a kind of cereal (yes, this is ME we're talking about, and not my Daddy). I invented a cereal called "Sugar Babies", which comes with a free prize and everything. I know what I like.

In the evening, I watched more Star Wars with Daddy before bed. He is taking pride in the fact that I seem to be enjoying part IV more than I, II, or III.


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