Sunday, November 06, 2011

Ray Day

Forest Ponder by Clover_1
[As transcribed by Daddy]

This morning I spent a good chunk of time playing 'classroom' with my toys (Cinnamon Bunny needs help with his math), and then Mommy and Daddy and I got all set for our big day out with Ray!

We drove downtown and picked him up, and then we all went out for a Dim Sum and sushi lunch. Pretty much from the get go, Ray and I were into shenanigans, joking and being silly. Let me tell you - that guy is pretty awesome. He's so much fun!

We drove out to the Bruce trail right afterwards... the drive was way faster than we expected. We had a lovely hike for about an hour and a half, but didn't cover too much ground - mostly because Ray and I were goofing off. Once that was done, we drove over to the Cheltenham Badlands.

I got into my Jawa costume and played for close to an hour as Ray filmed me (like he did a few years ago with my Pink Batman costume). Actually, Ray wasn't the only one filming me - all of the other people there took a lot of interest in my amazing costume. I'm sure photos of a Jawa in the badlands will emerge all over the internet within the next few days. Anyway, I had a blast.

We drove Ray back after a quick stop for donuts. I was sad to see him go - I had an amazing day with him! We're all pretty grateful.

Listening to: Matt Pond PA - Spring Fools


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