Monday, January 02, 2012

Joanna and Rob

Banister Smile by Clover_1
[As transcribed by Daddy]

This morning I played in my room a lot - once we got home from our trip, MORE Christmas presents appeared in the form of a new floor (and new furnishings) for my doll house. Pretty great! The new year started off nicely.

After lunch, Mommy and Daddy and I drove through the horrible, drizzly and cold weather to meet up with our good friends Joanna and Rob, who are visiting from the UK. I haven't seen them in so long - we had a nice chat, I got some snacks, and I kicked everyone under the table with my rainboots.

Mommy and Daddy and I stopped by the bookstore on the way home, had a quiet afternoon, and then joined Nee-Nee and Gammy and Grandpa for dinner, who also brought along two of Gammy's former students, Richard and Dorothy. We had a lovely big turkey dinner! By the end, I was totally exhausted.


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