Saturday, December 31, 2011

Trunk Tetris

Thinking by Clover_1
[As transcribed by Daddy on January 1st, 2012]

This morning I made sure I got in a lot of quality time with Nana. I had a nice breakfast with her, and we managed to have a pretty decent walk in the forest and stuff while my Mommy loaded the car. I didn't want to leave... I love Nana so much, and had such a great time with her. We all really appreciated the time we spent with her and Jim this trip (not to mention Trina and Zoe and Papa!).

Anyway, we finally got going at about one in the afternoon. The car was packed so tight it took all of Mommy's expert Tetris skills to properly load all of our gear into it! If a border guard wants to look in the trunk, we're in some trouble… everything will come tumbling out!

We stopped at Lynchburg to hit up the bookstore, but I was pretty rowdy and just wanted to run around - Daddy didn't actually get any browsing in. Ah well… maybe when he gets home. He let me get a good run in at the bookstore, and then we drove off, heading for Altoona, and stopping in the middle of West Virginia for some dinner.


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