Saturday, February 18, 2012

Mommy: 0 Clover: 3

Upside-Down Again by Clover_1
[As transcribed by Daddy on February 21st]

Things did not start off well today. Mommy's been urging me to clean my room for days, and seeing as how today is a P.A. day, well... the plan was to take care of that. Instead, I decided to lie face-down on my bedroom floor (technically, I guess you could say I was planking) and sob. So... Mommy came in and cleaned my room for me, throwing out a lot of my old toys. I didn't give her the satisfaction of being upset about that.

Mommy WAS going to take me out to lunch, but since I was so difficult, she made crappy hot dogs. Little did she expect that I would be VERY happy to have crappy hot dogs. So... I won there, too.

Today was my last full day with Cool Uncle Gareth, so he took me to the toy store to buy me some stuff (I WIN AGAIN) and he even gave me the antique desk G.G. left him before she died, which looks awesome in my wonderfully clean room.

Daddy came home with a new bass guitar in hand... every time he practices, I practice my piano playing. I dunno if that was his intention, but my folks are glad.


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