Sunday, March 18, 2012

Adios Padre

Sunglasses Twins (Title by Clover) by Clover_1
[As transcribed by Mommy]

Many hours before I woke, Daddy set off for parts Mexico City. He came in to say good bye and have a snuggle, but I didn't notice. Daddy only made it as far as the airport before he realized he'd forgotten his passport. Fortunately, Grandpa wasn't doing anything at 5:30 this morning, so he drove the forgotten passport to Daddy. Thank you, Grandpa!
When I eventually did wake up, it was to find Mommy in my bed. Apparently, she hadn't slept well and my bed was the most comfortable place in the house. She slept in my bed for a bit while I watched Finding Stuff Out on the computer.
Later in the afternoon, Grandpa ( who apparently still had nothing to do) drove Mommy and I to piano lessons. Thanks again, Grandpa! I missed piano class last week, so I was a little behind, but I did my best, and my teacher was impressed with my hard work.

At dinner time, we had some not very interesting chicken burgers and watched The Pink Panther. That panther is waaaaay better than boring old chicken burgers.

Good night Daddy! I love you and I miss you.

Joke of the day: Why did the banana go to the doctor?
Because it wasn't peeling well!!!!


Anonymous Daddy said...

The flight to Mexico was pretty good - I didn't really sleep, though, so I've technically been awake for quite some time. Sleep deprivation is making everything really blurry.

Mexico City is enormous, congested, and so colourful and textured. Even the sky is the loveliest shade of brown. The Hotel I'm at is amazing and luxurious, but it's like Fort Knox... you need a security pass to even use the elevator.

After a lunch on the patio (shrimp tacos!) I had an hour-long catnap, which took me three hours to wake up from. We headed to our casting session, which went really well!

Pete (the director) and Erik (the line producer) and I went out for a fancy dinner afterward... I ate tuna tartar and panchetta risotto. We talked late into the night and got pretty silly. I am absolutely exhausted.

I miss my family so much, and it's only been one day!

1:50 AM


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