Wednesday, March 21, 2012


3 in a door by Clover_1[As transcribed by Mommy]

So today is Tuesday, my long day at school. We got new sheets for our books that we're making about ourselves this morning. I got to write about school and my hobbies. My favourite hobby is drawing. I stayed for lunch ,then practiced with the Selwyn Singers. I really like the songs we are learning- they're mostly about Canada and my mom doesn't know any of them.

In the afternoon, I got a cool book about drawing animals from the library, and then I had a super fun time skipping and jumping rope in gym. After school, I had band, which is always a good time.

When Mommy picked me up, she had some pretty disturbing news: Daddy was in an earthquake!! I was super worried for about 2 seconds. Then she told me he was fine, and I wanted to go to the playground. Maya from Sparks showed up at the playground, and she let me try to ride her bike. I'm still not really getting the hang of it, but I will. I conquered the monkey bars, so I can definitely handle a bicycle.

Mommy let us get ice cream on the way home. It was yummy. Max and Jena were over when we got home so I played with them for a while. And I freaked out over a bee because I forgot I had stopped being afraid of bees. Then Mommy reminded me, and I was at peace with the bees again. Mommy and I finished season 1 of Avatar while we ate dinner. I really like that show!

When I talked to Daddy, I made sure to ask if any dishes or buildings were broken in the earthquake. He assured me that everything was fine.


Anonymous Daddy said...

This morning my producer and I went to the Scotiabank (there's more of them in Mexico City than in Toronto) to change some American money to Pesos when the ground began to shake. We quickly ran outside into the street, along with the entirety of Mexico City. Lo and behold, I arrived in Mexico city to experience a 7.8 earthquake - the largest in Mexico City since the big one in 1985.

All things considered, everything was extremely ordered and organized. Aside from the lack of cell phone service, nothing really bad happened. I eventually called home and let everyone know everything was fine.

Our day in Mexico was pretty much shot, however. We spent several hours making sure our production was okay and re-assuring talent and the client. We had lunch on the hotel terrace, where we watched the commotion subside.

In the afternoon, the Producers and I checked out our satellite link-up station for our pre-pro meeting in two days, and then went to the big marketplace, where I spent a good chunk of money on presents for everyone back home.

The producers and I then went out for a lovely Italian dinner - I had burrata and ox tail pasta. I keep getting tired pretty early in the evening... must be the altitude. Or the earthquakes.

2:28 AM


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