Thursday, March 22, 2012

Jump Roping

Glass face by Clover_1
[As transcribed by Mommy]

Today, we started learning about money at school. We made charts! And charts are so fun.

Claire came over for lunch today, and it was such a nice day, we got to eat our lunch outside. When we were finished eating, we played with my jump ropes, and then we skipped rope all the way back to school. Mom let us keep the jump ropes so we could play with them some more at recess.

After school, I played jump ropes with Emilia, and then Mommy and I walked over to Home Depot. I was surprised to find out that Home Depot is a lot closer to my school than I thought. Grandpa picked us up because we couldn't carry 6 bags of peat moss home. The car almost couldn't either! Thanks Grandpa! At home, I got bored of yard work (Mommy wouldn't let me help anyway) so I drew some animal pictures with the help of my library book. Then I ate some cheese. We had strawberry pancakes for dinner, which is kinda awesome, and watched some more Avatar.

When I talked to Daddy, I mostly just freaked out because I didn't and then did want to talk to Lion, the little boy in Daddy's commercial. Sorry Daddy. I still miss you.


Anonymous Daddy said...

Busy work day today. I spent some time this morning communicating with everyone back in Toronto, due to a lot of commotion there, had some breakfast with the producers, and then met up with Pete the Director. We all went over to the Mexican production offices for a prop and art direction meeting.

The Director of Photography arrived in Mexico City and went with us to the Contadero location, where we did a tech scout and finalized our photo boards. What a lovely day!

Then we drove through the city for our interior location, where we finished the tech scout. Finally, we drove back to the production offices where I got to meet all of the talent and finalize wardrobe. We had our kids, dogs, frogs, props, costumes, all of it... it was pretty crazy, but we got it all sorted and decided. I put together the rest of the pre-pro book, and then went to dinner with the Producers, Pete, and the head of the Mexican Production Company.

We had tuna carpaccio - some of the best foor I've ever eaten - and a lot of laughs. And then it was time to go to bed. Tomorrow is a big pre-pro meeting... hope it goes well!

2:36 AM


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