Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy Monday!

Pretend Grumpy by Clover_1
[As transcribed by Mommy]

I was back to school today. Despite being sick for most of it, I feel like I had a great March break. I am VERY happy to be back at school, though. I wrote four pages about my time away. Even though I didn't do that much on March break, I had a a lot to say about it.

Recess was super awesome today because the weather is so nice. It feels like summer instead of the last day of winter. Mommy let me take my jacket off at lunch, so I got to run around in short sleeves for the rest of the school day. After school I stayed at the playground until Mommy noticed I was looking a bit pink, so then we went home for a big drink and a snack.

Then it was pretty much time to leave for Sparks. We did something super fun in Sparks - we went for a walk around the community. Before we left, we all got emergency whistles and band aids, just in case someone got lost in a bush. On our walk, we saw the baseball field, playground, tennis courts, some cool solar panels, and found an awesome little parkette where we had a snack picnic. Then we played a fun game of duck duck goose and ran around blowing our emergency whistles, before heading back to the school. Afterwards, Mommy and I had a late dinner, watched some Avatar, and called Daddy before bed.


Anonymous Daddy said...

This morning I was up with everyone at 5:00 am (Mexico time) for a pre-production meeting with the client (who was in the Bahamas) and with the agency (who was in Toronto). We presented casting, locations, and stuff. It went well... after it was over, I went back to bed!

Several hours later, I attended a late brunch and a lengthy meeting with the production's art department, going over props, sets, etc etc. It was long, but good. After that was over, Erik the line producer and I went for a delicious lunch of Tostadas de Pulpo.

Later in the day, we went to the mall, where we did some shopping and then had a sushi dinner. In Mexico, sushi has jalapenos and habaneros in it. And they give you fortune cookies when you're done.

After that it was back to the hotel to take care of some work. Here's hoping our day tomorrow is good, and that nothing out of the ordinary or unexpected happens.

1:33 AM


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