Monday, March 26, 2012

Some Kind of Chip Cookies

Clover with Grandpa by Clover_1
[As transcribed by Mommy]

Only 1 more sleep 'til Daddy is home! I'm pretty excited to see him and the present he said he got for me. Mommy and I had waffles for breakfast and watched some more Avatar. I REALLY like that show. I started making pictures of all of the characters, and I'm going to put on an Avatar puppet play for Daddy so he know what he missed out on.

Mommy and I had planned on making peanut butter - potato chip cookies, but then Grandpa invited me out for a walk. We went to the park, and saw all kinds of neat stuff. I must've worked up an appetite because when I got home, I ate all of the potato chips. So… we made peanut butter - chocolate chip cookies instead.

Mommy spent most of the day making some fancy type tomato sauce - it was yummy, but I don't know if it was "whole day of cooking" yummy. We had it with some gluten free penne for dinner and watched - yep, you guessed it! - more Avatar.


Anonymous Daddy said...

Today was much better than yesterday. In fact, today was pretty darned great in it's own right.

We drove to our outdoor location early in the morning and were thankfully blessed with perfect weather. It was chilly at first, so I wore baggy clothes (also to protect my sunburn). Wearing my stripey shirt and with my white gardening gloves, I looked like a mime. The wardrobe department even chose a hat for me to wear.

Aside from the steadicam guy running out of steam, we really had no hitches or hangups today! Everything went rally smoothly, and the footage is breathtakingly beautiful. We somehow managed to get every single shot on our overreaching list.

Once we were finished, I got somewhat emotional - it had been a year since my last company went out of business, and almost a year since we started on this Lysol project. I only wished Jen and other friends from Toronto could have been with us to celebrate.

Back at the hotel, everyone played a massive practical joke on me, which made me feel so chuffed... for them to go to such lengths made me feel pretty special. We all then went to a lovely Italian bistro for the wrap party, which was small but fun.

Finally, it was back to the hotel. A bunch of us stayed up and hung out for a while, and then exhaustion won us over and we all crashed. We didn't want the night to end... but it's definitely time to go home.

10:27 PM


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