Monday, March 19, 2012

Sunday Distractions

Bunny in a Swing by Clover_1[As transcribed by Mommy]

This morning I missed Daddy a whole lot so I bounced around from Gammy to Grandpa to Mommy to keep me distracted. Gammy played Go Fish and Crazy Eights with me. It was crazy fun!

Mommy and I started watching a new (to us) show called Avatar. It might be my new favourite.

After lunch, Mommy and I took Dennis for a nice walk. We saw lots of signs of spring: warm weather, flowers, robins, and some brand new baby leaves. When we got home, I played outside while Mommy did some raking. I made a swing for Cinnamon Bunny, and he loved it!! He also loved flying/falling off of the deck into the back yard. Then Mommy called Nana, so I talked to her about the pros and cons of sending chocolate in the mail.

After that we went car shopping with Grandpa. I was really excited about this as I thought it was going to be fun. It was not. So. Boring.

We watched some more Avatar with dinner.

At bedtime we finished an Ivy and Bean book, and I got to call Daddy and tell him all about my day. I miss him an awful lot. So does Mommy.


Anonymous Daddy said...

Today we were up at a good hour... our drivers took us up and up and up through the city, which was pretty magnificent and fantastic. This has to be the densest, most colourful place I've ever been. The erosion-proof cliffs, art deco skyscrapers, VW beetles, roadside flauta stands and massive crowds are amazing. The legendary traffic exceeds its reputation.

We stopped at our first shooting location, where I took hundreds of photos. Then we drove back through the city to our second (indoor) location, where I took more photos. Then it was back to the hotel, for the most expensive buffet imaginable.

I spend the afternoon with the rest of the team sorting through all of the photos, fixing them up, and selecting them to package to the client for review.

We skipped dinner and went to a movie ("Un dia para Sobrevivir") around the corner, and then had drinks in the bar before heading for bed.

I miss Clover and her Mommy, and will try to do some souvenir shopping for them tomorrow.

12:40 PM


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