Monday, April 02, 2012

Daddy is a Bad Fish

Big-Head Denny by Clover_1
[As transcribed by Daddy on April 12th]

I wrote another early morning note to Uncle Gareth. When he came downstairs to see me and have coffee, we planned a April Fool's Day trick to play on Daddy involving lipstick and his morning coffee. I think he must've heard us because he didn't want any coffee this morning.

Uncle Gareth had promised to take me to the playground today which I was very excited about. I wanted to show him how good I am at the monkey bars now. Unfortunately, the rainy poopy weather had other ideas. We played some games and learned some magic tricks instead.

Then in the afternoon, I learned that taxes are the most boring thing ever. EVER! Uncle Gareth had a lot of taxes to do, way more than anybody else, which is even more boring. Alice, the taxes lady, came over to do taxes with Uncle Gareth around 3, so from 3 until dinner, I complained about boring taxes, except for when I helped Mommy put the toppings on the pizza dinner. And then I was taping silly notes to people's backs. That was funny! Daddy is a bad fish!


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