Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Queen of the Monkey Bars

School Wall by Clover_1
[As transcribed by Mommy and Daddy on April 13th]

I informed Mommy on the way to school, that she would not be picking me up today, that Uncle Gareth would. She did not agree with this arrangement. Apparently, Uncle Gareth is not on the approved list of people allowed to pick me up, and also she needed to talk to Jen at the playground about Sparks, Whatever Mom!

At school, this one kid, was not nice to me. In fact she was downright mean. She said that I thought I was "Queen of the Monkey Bars," and that I'm not even any good at them because I can't jump to the second bar (which is not true - I can), and that I'm dumb. I was annoyed, and I told her so then I found someone else to play with. Mommy is very proud of the way I handled this.

Uncle Gareth did come along with Mommy to pick me up, so I got to show him how good I am on the monkey bars now. Unfortunately, I ripped open a callus on my hand, and I needed to go home for a band-aid. Pretty soon after we got home, Uncle Gareth left to go back to Yew Nork.

In Sparks, we made jello aquariums - fun and delicious! I tried really hard to behave myself, but sometimes being bad is so fun. Tonight I kept doing whatever Mommy had asked some other kid not to do. I thought it was funny. Mommy did not. We played a quick game outside, but it was kinda cold. When we got home, Daddy was making soup, which sounded great, so Mommy fixed it up a bit and we all had some for dinner.


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