Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Lunch with Gareth

A Snack on the Grass by Clover_1
[As transcribed by Daddy on July 25th]

Today was the first day of summer day camp! I was pretty jazzed about it, especially seeing as how my friends Amelia and Claire would be there with me. We were off to a great start today... camp is so much fun!

Cool Uncle Gareth came and picked me up from camp at lunch and took me out to Jawny Bakers for a lovely meal. We had a great time! I even got to have ice cream for dessert. Cool Uncle Gareth is cool. On the walk home, we got popsicles.

Gareth and I went to the toy store and got me some Playmobil stuff for my birthday. I came home and played with it until it was time for bed, pretty much.


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