Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Hole is Fixed!

[As transcribed by Daddy]

Today was my very last day of day camp... perhaps forever, seeing as how they don't take six-year-olds, so... when all was said and done, I made sure I said thank-you and goodbye to all of my friends and the counsellors. I shook their hands and everything! It was a blast. I brought home my crafts, and Sarah was sad that I wasn't gonna be there with her and James next week.

Mommy and I have been having picnics in the park every day for the last while, but today we decided to just have a nice, quiet and simple afternoon at home instead. So we paid a quick visit to the quilt store and the toy store (I got some glow-in-the-dark adhesive stars for my bedroom ceiling) and had a nice afternoon.

After dinner, I jumped rope in the back yard with my parents. We had a nice time, and learned a bunch of fun rhymes to say while skipping, and rejoiced over the fact that Ursula fixed the hole in our bathroom ceiling today!

Friday, July 30, 2010


[As transcribed by Daddy]

Day Camp was pretty fun today - I made a rocket ship, and afterwards I got to play in the swimming pool with all of my fellow day campers. It made up for the real lack of pool fun from over the past few days.

Mommy and I had our picnic and then headed over to Claire's Mom's place so that we could pick up our order of organic groceries... only to realize that we didn't bring anything with which to cart them all home. We also didn't bring any money. In any case, Claire's Mom lent us a little green wagon to bring everything home. All day long I wanted to ride in that thing.

The rest of the day was pretty cool. Mommy and I made homemade pasta with fried squash blossoms and tomatillo sauce for dinner, which turned out to be pretty darned amazing. After dinner, I finally got to go for a quick wagon ride around the block.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

What happens in day camp stays in day camp.

[As transcribed by Daddy]

I went to camp with nothing but my backpack and some snacks. When I came out a few hours later, I had two stars and an alien craft with me. I was pretty tight-lipped about what went on inside. What happens in day camp stays in day camp.

Mommy and I planned to have a picnic lunch in the park afterwards, but the sky got really dark... we seriously thought it might rain at any given second. So we skipped the picnic and went home, where we made more crafts, played with my jump rope, and visited with Gammy and stuff.

After hours of storing up water, the sky finally decided to rain - really hard - much much later in the afternoon, right around dinner time. Coincidentally, this was about the same time that Daddy had to walk from the bus to the house on the way home from work. So, yeah... that was funny.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Exceeding Expectations

[As transcribed by Daddy]

Mommy took me to camp this morning - it was cool and all (we made a Martian at craft time), but I was a little disappointed when our schedule with the wading pool got all bungled up due to some chlorination problems. Actually, the short amount of time I spent in the pool kinda freaked me out - the scab on my knee got all soft, which I didn't quite understand. I was relieved when it returned to its normal state a few minutes later.

Mommy and I had a nice picnic in the park, and got to visit with Julie, Sarah, and Claire and her Mom! Other than that, we had a pretty quiet afternoon. I did a lot of jumping with my jumping rope in the back yard. My folks really have to admit - I'm doing a lot better with it than they expected that I would. Usually if I'm not immediately good at something I get frustrated, but I really seem to be keeping at it with that jumping rope!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Day at Julie's

[As transcribed by Daddy]

Mommy and I walked over to the park this morning - time for my second week (although not in a row) of summer day camp this year. Once we got there, I was surprised to see a new counsellor, although she became a good friend pretty quickly when she agreed to push me in the big orange swing that I like. This week's theme is outer space and science. That's cool!

Steve Jay came to pick us all up (Sarah and James were in camp with me), including Mommy. We ate lunch, had snacks, and Sarah and I played really well together for hours in her room. What a nice visit! Then we all walked over to the shoe store to buy shoes for Mommy. Then we walked over to the mall and got something to drink... then Mommy and I caught the bus back home.

We ate a lovely dinner with Daddy, and then he and I stayed up a bit and played games and watched television. It was fun!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Julia's Journey

[As transcribed by Daddy]

My goodness, were we ever up early - 5:30 a.m., to be exact... Mommy and Daddy and I drove down to Welland Ontario for the 8:00 a.m. start for Julia's Journey, the 5k run our friend Lisa set up to honour her niece Julia, who passed away due to leukemia last year. We had a really good time - after the first tenth of the walk I got tired and wanted to stop, but it picked up, and I ended up really enjoying myself. We finished in almost exactly one hour!

Afterwards, I played with Leo in the park and then we were honoured to have Lisa ask us to join her and her friends at a local tavern in Welland for brunch, which was pretty good.

We had a pretty long drive home - after a quick stop in Grimsby (which gets points deducted for dullness), we drove through Stony Creek and Hamilton... finally arriving at Halton Hills, where we hit up Andrews Scenic Acres to do some blueberry picking. Everything was going really fantastically well until Daddy got attacked (and stung multiple times) by a swarm of wasps. Whatever, we had to admit - it was pretty funny.

I snoozed on the drive home, where Gammy fed us some leftover snacks from the big work get-together thing she had while we were gone. Would you believe I got to stay up past my bedtime to watch television tonight?!

Listening to: Vanilla Ice - To The Extreme

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Drenched with Daddy

[As transcribed by Daddy]

I spent a nice morning with Mommy today while we let Daddy sleep in after several busy weeks of work. Once he was up, we all decided to once again head over to the mall and have a big old Dim Sum lunch, followed by bubble tea for dessert. We pigged out, man.

Afterwards, we drove over to Shops at Don Mills, where Mommy shopped for a dress to wear to a wedding next weekend. Daddy and I wandered around in the meantime. Finally, we drove home and had something of a quiet afternoon.

Mommy went out to a movie with Nee-Nee and Gammy, which meant it was just Daddy and I for the evening. We ate ice cream cones and went for a walk - and suddenly it absolutely poured on us! It was okay, though - we had lots of fun despite the rain. We came home, watched movie together, and Daddy put me to bed like old times.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Bus Subway Subway Walk Subway Subway Bus

[As transcribed by Daddy]

So Mommy and I went over to the Salon this morning for Mommy's hair appointment. The nice lady cut Mommy's hair and made it all pretty, during which I sat off to the side and read a book about spiders.

Mommy and I hopped on a bus, and then we switched over to the subway, and then we got on ANOTHER subway, and then walked in muggy muggy heat to Daddy's office. He took us out to lunch which was nice, except for the part where I spilled orange juice all over the nice dress Nana bought for me.

We played fooseball at Daddy's office again before heading into a few stores and then going from subway to subway to bus to home again. We drove over to the garden to pick some fresh tomatillos for dinner, which was delicious!

Listening to: Mayer Hawthorne - A Strange Arrangement

Friday, July 23, 2010

Kneewatch: Day 3

[As transcribed by Daddy]

So today started the way yesterday ended - with me being precious and dainty and protective and insanely freaked out about my scraped knee. Eventually Mommy coaxed me out of bed, and then I parked on the couch, where I read books, watched television, and sobbed.

Mommy had enough by about one in the afternoon and told me to go to my bedroom... my whimpering and whining about my scraped knee was driving everyone crazy. She told me not to come out until I had decided not to overreact... and about forty-five minutes later, I came to the realization that my scraped knee wasn't really all that bad, actually. In fact... it didn't hurt at all.

So the rest of the afternoon was nice and quiet. A cool birthday present arrived in the mail from Nana - some toys that I spent a lot of time playing with. By the time I went to bed, I discovered hat my knee had totally scabbed over, and even invited people to come and touch it. However, I now have a sort upper-leg form all the limping I've been doing.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Living with a Skinned Knee

[As transcribed by Daddy]

I woke up feeling somewhat alarmed about my scraped knee - it was something of an ordeal to take the band-aids off and replace them with the only thing that seemed to satisfy me - a full-on gauze bandage. The plan was to go to the splash pad today, but I was terrified of getting my bandage wet.

Daddy worked from home today, so Mommy and I helped him get some work done / photographs taken. We drove down to the beach and took some pictures (for something he's working on for a client) and got some ice cream - then we drove over to his office to drop off the photos and stuff. I got to see Hubert again and Daddy's friend Samina, who I really liked.

After dinner, I rode my bike all the way to the vegetable garden... and then I rode it all the way back! Just when everyone thought I was learning to live with a skinned knee, all HELL broke loose when Mommy decided to give me a bath and try to clean my knee and remove the bandage.

You'd think she was unscrewing my head from my neck with all the yelling and screaming and carrying on I did. It's honestly such an average skinned knee, but I made such a big deal out of it. My coping skills need some work.

Listening to: Frank Zappa - Strictly Genteel

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Pickable Me

[As transcribed by Daddy]

Today was going pretty smoothly - Mommy and I went to the local farmer's market and picked up a bunch of veggies and stuff. However, on the way home, I stepped off of the bus and scraped my knee. It's not like my kneecap fell off, but it was a big scrape (a right of passage for a kid). I FREAKED OUT. I didn't stop crying for, like, 30 minutes!

Once I stopped crying, I downgraded my state of alarm to a permanent sob for several hours. Luckily Gammy and Grandpa arrived to take me out for dinner and a movie (one of my birthday presents), which I was pretty excited about. We saw Despicable Me - Gammy explained what the word 'Despicable' meant (I had been calling it 'The Pickle Movie') and I was happy to see the main character go from being despicable to 'pickable'.

After the movie, Gammy and Grandpa and I went out for sushi - we had a really nice time. According to them I was really well behaved (if not a little worried about my scraped knee). Once we got home, I went right back to sobbing and whining about my knee.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Stick-In Chicken

[As transcribed by Daddy]

Today was a day set aside for post-party recuperation. Mommy slept in a little bit - luckily I had tons of new toys and stuff to play with, especially the new Toy Story 3 Jessie doll Papa got for me, which has to be maybe my favourite birthday present.

Mommy and I read some of my new books, watched some television and played some video games, did some stuff outside, and made a cool frog puppet with a kit Lisa and Leo gave me for my birthday. All in all, we kept things pretty low-key and relaxed. I may be in for quite the busy week this week (no day camp until NEXT week), so perhaps it's best to lay low.

After Daddy came home from work we had leftovers for dinner - pizza from last night and party food from yesterday afternoon. Actually, the chicken skewers from yesterday ("Stick-In Chicken") made for a great snack, also.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Five Years Old!

[As transcribed by Daddy]

As Kristin put it today - I woke up having revolved around the sun five times. Yay! I put on the special party dress (with crown and wand) that Mommy made for me and helped my folks finish tidying and prepping for my party, which got started at 11:30 sharp... Clare and her Mom arrived, followed by Lisa and Leo, Julie and Sarah and James, Cheyenne and her Mommy, and then Gammy and Grandpa and Nee-Nee.

We played in my wading pool, made party hats, had an inventive game of croquet out on the yard, ate lunch and a fantastic birthday cake, I opened lots and lots of presents, talked to various distant family members over the phone, and had a cool scavenger hunt, too. It was great to have all of my friends over, and I'm really thankful for all the fantastic gifts from everyone. Lessons learned - crafts at a kid's party is a great idea, but next time we'll not include glitter. Also, croquet mallets at a party with little kids could have been disastrous. Luckily, nobody lost an eye or received a concussion.

Mommy and Daddy crashed pretty hard once everyone was gone - I happily played with my new toys and read my new books and stuff. To perk ourselves up we went on a coffee run in the afternoon and watered the garden - then Kristen came over with presents from her trip down the Amazon for me. We ate pizza, and then I went to bed... ready to get a good start to my sixth year.

Thanks again to German artist Tanja Lengler who made the above oil painting of me - completely out of the blue! And on my birthday!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

My last day as a Four-Year-Old

[As transcribed by Daddy]

Today was quite the busy day. After a fairly average Saturday morning, Mommy and Daddy and I set forth to take care of all the pre-birthday stuff. First stop was to the dollar store to pick up goodie bag prizes and others bits and pieces for the party. Then it was off to Fabricland, for some fabric. Then we went to Kelsey's for lunch. We pigged out - Daddy went into some sort of walking coma.

We hit up Homesense for some odds and ends, Best Buy for a whole lot of nothing, and then we went to a cake store to buy icing gels. Next it was over to the supermarket for food (Daddy literally has no memory of this), and then we went to the butcher for more food.

We came home and Daddy watched a triathalon while blowing up balloons... Mommy started furiously baking and prepping for tomorrow. Daddy and I set up a croquet course outside, and then we managed to scrounge together some dinner before I had a bath and went to bed.

And once I was asleep, that's when the REAL work started.

Listening to: Chrome Hoof - Depth Charge

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Paper Planes

[As transcribed by Daddy]

I claimed not to have had a very good day at camp today, due to issues with some of the other kids or something. What can I say - I'm pretty oversensitive and can get set off by, like, the smallest thing.

Anyway, Mommy came to pick me up afterwards, and brought me home. She was able to muster up enough strength to make me some lunch and turn on the television before succumbing to a horrible headache. Left to my own devices, I played in my room, watched television, played video games, and then got bored.

I roused Mommy, who made me a paper airplane to keep me entertained - AND ENTERTAIN ME IT DID. I spent the rest of the afternoon playing with that thing - I decorated it, flew it around, and when Daddy came home from work, we made a bunch more.

By then Mommy was feeling better, so we all went looking for a mini golf set for my birthday party on Sunday. Everyone will have to settle for croquet, I'm afraid.

Listening to: Owen Pallett - Lewis Takes Off His Shirt

Friday, July 16, 2010

Mistletoe Jellyfish

[As transcribed by Daddy]

Today at camp, I made a giant jellyfish out of construction paper and streamers. I gave it an awesome face - my intention is to hang it in the trees in the back yard and have people kiss when they stand underneath it, like mistletoe.

Anyway, camp was good - I made a new friend names Jessica (or is it Rachel?) and then had a lovely picnic with Mommy and Clare and Helena and their moms. After we got home, I watched a DVD while Mommy did the laundry.

After dinner, Mommy and I went to the garden - I rode my bike, but insisted on constantly talking the whole way, and my folks have noticed that I can't talk and ride a bike at the same time. So it was pretty slow going. Daddy picked us up after we were finished cultivating our haul.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

One-Footed Batman saves The Ponies

[As transcribed by Daddy]

I had a nice time at camp this morning - I played with Clare and her friend Elena, and my Mom hung out with Clare and Elena's Mom. We all played 'Star Wars' together, which is cool. I'm somewhat familiar with Star Wars... I know about the Stormtroopers and the robot that beeps.

In the afternoon Mommy and I played My Little Pony / Playmobil / Batman. The best part was at the end, when Batman sacrificed his life to save all of the My Little Ponies from the sun as it crashed into the Earth (even though he only had one foot).

Daddy was late coming home from work, so Grandpa had to drive Mommy and I to the sewing machine store to pick up Mommy's repaired sewing machine (I did NOT approve of the route he took to get there). He was impressed when, upon seeing a Serger machine, I quickly asked if it was for 'doing surgery and fixing people.'

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Reverse Psychology Sandwich

[As transcribed by Daddy]

Summer Camp was great again today. We all went to the splash pad, and took turns splashing Randy (our camp counselor). There was some artwork and snacks, too, but neither were as much fun. Mommy picked me up afterwards, and we took the bus over to the local farmer's market, where we loaded up with fruits and veggies. I got three little plastic tubes full of honey.

For lunch, Mommy served me a heaping plate of reverse psychology. You see, usually, when served a sandwich, I just take it apart and eat the individual components. Today, she served me two slices of bread and some bacon - which I then turned into a sandwich and ate properly. She's so clever!

The rest of the day was good. TV, cleaning up my room, sorting through old toys, and stuff. After dinner, Daddy drove Mommy and I over to the garden so that we could water it. We have squash! I repeat - we have squash!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Back to Camp
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[As transcribed by Daddy]

Mommy and I were up and ready to go pretty early today, because it was time to go back to summer camp! Pretty exciting! A lot of the same people were there from last years, including some of my favourite grown-ups and other kids. My friend Claire from kindergarten was there, which was awesome. At one point, they had us run through a sprinkler. How cool is that?!

After I got home, Mommy and I took the bus down to the Big Carrot (the 'local' organic food store). I expressed to Mommy my continual and regular disappointment that the store is not actually a literal big carrot. One day, the disillusionment will wear off. I got some gluten-free cookies, so I didn't mind TOO much.

I had a bath before bed tonight, during which I wrote and performed this really awesome song about having bubbles in my hair. I wish someone had been there to record it, because I have a feeling I'll have forgotten it by tomorrow morning.

Monday, July 12, 2010

MacDermott Fun

[As transcribed by Daddy]

From the moment I woke up this morning, I was itching to go on my scheduled playdate with Corrin. I managed to make it through a pair of breakfasts and the usual morning rigamaroll before my family was finally ready to go!

We met up with Jason and Arlynn and Corrin and Zoe over at their place, and then we walked over to the nearest park. We all played in the park and in the sandbox before moving over to the big splash pad, where we had tons of fun! Eventually we made out way back to the MacDermott's house, where we played in the back yard and stuff. What an awesome day! I was sad when it was time to go.

Mommy had some errands to run, so we went to the butcher and picked up some mason jars (to accommodate our raspberry jam) before heading home to finish watching the World Cup final and then eat a delicious dinner.

Listening to: Buck 65 - 20 Odd Years: Volume 1 - Avant

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Dim Sum and Raspberries

[As transcribed by Daddy]

In all the craziness about yesterday's blog post, I forgot to mention that Joanna came over and visited Mommy and I during the day, bearing toys and flowers. It was a great visit!

Today Mommy and Daddy and I went to the chiropractor pretty early in the morning, which was good. We picked up Mommy's now-repaired sandals, and then went to the Thai restaurant at the mall and got quote the surprise: GLUTEN-FREE DIM SUM. We weren't expecting it, but made sure to eat our weight in rice noodles.

I got a nice new bathing suit, some bubble tea, and then we left the mall and headed for a raspberry patch north of the city. We picked a lot of raspberries... I ate seven times as many as I picked, and then got whiny, complainy, and kinda miserable. It was something of a long ride home.

Daddy and I brainstormed advertising concepts together after dinner and raspberry cobbler.

Listening to: Dweezil Zappa - Return Of The Son Of...

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Daytime Break-in

[as transcribed by Daddy]

We had something of a disturbingly exciting day today - it all happened in the late afternoon. I was downstairs playing, Mommy was in her room reading, and neither of us realized what had happened until it was all over. Grandpa from emerged from his bedroom over at his place to discover a strange, disoriented woman standing in his hallway, just at the top of the stairs. He called for Gammy, who called the police... the woman (who had apparently used a razor blade to cut open the screen in the window and climbed into the house) blathered something incoherent and left the house via the front door. She left her backpack behind.

Eventually the police arrived and took everyone's statements - the CSI guy came and fingerprinted the place and everything. Apparently our neighbours were robbed late last night in a similar fashion, so nobody's taking chances (Daddy remembers someone trying to open our kitchen door when he was blogging last night). We keep this place compulsively locked up like Fort Knox, so... we're all fine.

It's not every day that someone breaks into your house in the middle of the day, while everyone is home. The police have apparently captured "a person of interest", so we're confident that it's all over (and hopefully our neighbours get their missing stuff back). And also - if the lady who broke in was as troubled and messed-up as we think - well, we hope she gets the help she needs.


Friday, July 09, 2010

Another hot one

[As transcribed by Daddy]

On any given morning, I can be found spending the wee hours on the computer - watching online videos of my favourite cartoons, playing games, or drawing pictures. Most days I stop using the computer when breakfast is ready, and that's it for the day. But today - since it was so darned hot outside - Mommy was cool with me staying on the computer. I felt pretty happy about that. It was a nice treat!

She and I went out for lunch today, but the walk over was so hot that we decided to just stay indoors as much as we could, really. Mommy did a lot of cleaning, and I tried to stay out of her way.

After Daddy came home from work (late due to heat-affected transit) we had dinner and then we drove over to the garden to do some watering. Mommy's veggies are really coming along - squash, tomatoes, lettuce, carrots... you name it!

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Family Flag

[As transcribed by Daddy]

Holy crap, it was another really hot day. NEVERTHELESS, Mommy and I made the walk over to the park, where I ran around and played in the pool and splash pad and stuff - and where we met up with Julie and Sarah and James, which was really nice. Also, we met up with Claire and her Mommy, which was also really nice! We had a lengthy conversation about cakes (of the birthday variety).

Mommy and I had a nice afternoon together - we watched some television, some DVDs, did some stuff outside, and made a family flag (I've been really into Flags since the World Cup's been on). I drew one up - a picture of our house in a lovely setting - and then I helped Mommy choose all of the fabrics so that we could actually make one and fly it out in front of the house or in the back yard or something.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010


[As transcribed by Daddy]

Today was Tuesday! That means Mommy and I went to the market - we bought raspberries and some fresh corn on the cob, which at dinner would reveal itself to be perhaps the best corn any of us have ever eaten. No fooling!

The temperature was ridiculously warm again, so the morning was pretty tough. On the way home from the market, I asked to stop and get a drink - so we did, but then the walk home from the store was really brutal due to the humidity. I chastised Mommy for buying so much stuff at the market, because having to carry it home in the heat must've been tough. It was hard for me, and I wasn't carrying anything! Then again, I AM extremely complainy.

After Daddy came home from work we all went over to the garden, but an insect of some sort stung me on the foot and on the hand and it REALLY freaked me out. The sting in my foot wasn't bad, but the one in my finger hurt!

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Heat Explosion

[As transcribed by Daddy]

It's so hot out there! It was like, 40 degrees Celcius with humidity before noon! That's how crazy hot and humid it was. After Mommy got back from a trip to the garden, I asked her about going to the local pool at the park - she told me that if I was good for an hour, she'd think about it. Let me tell you - that was the longest hour of my life on the hottest day of my life.

After the longest hour on the hottest day of my life, we walked the toughest walk of my life to the pool. Once my feet touched the water, though, I suddenly discovered reserves of energy that kept me having fun for like an hour.

After we came home, I watched a movie and tried to avoid melting in the heat. Meanwhile, a power station in the west end exploded, causing a blackout - I wasn't affected, but Daddy's subway (and the visiting Queen Elizabeth II) was.

Monday, July 05, 2010

Brunch with Joanna

[As transcribed by Daddy]

After having breakfast this morning, it was time to go out for brunch - Mommy and Daddy and I first drove over to the garden so that Mommy could water the plants (it was ridiculously hot and humid today), and then we went over to a café near the butcher that we'd never been... where we met up with our good friend Joanna, who's visiting from the UK! I drew pictures, ate tons of food, and had a really good time.

We all walked over to the beach, where my folks and Joanna chatted while I played at the playground and in the sand and stuff. After we dropped Joanna off, we went to the grocery store to buy lemons and a watermelon for watermelon-lemonade.

In the afternoon, Daddy passed out on the couch and stayed there all afternoon, while I played inside, outside, and on the computer. I finally got that bath I'd been asking for right before bed. Great weekend!

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Let's Go Downtown!

[As transcribed by Daddy]

I planned out day today, which is kinda cool - but it only came after several hours of waiting for my folks to get their acts together. Mommy read her book outside, and Daddy (still with a cold) did timesheets and HR employee performance appraisals. Whatever all that stuff is.

Anyway, I decided we should go downtown and find some cool stuff to do, so... we did! We walked up and down Queen West, visited the Umbra store, hit up the comic book and toy store, stopped at the National Film Board Archive to watch some short films and cartoons, went to the bookstore, got some bubble tea, stopped by the butcher, and then came home. Phew!

I went down like a ton of bricks at bedtime, due to the day's busy activity. Not a bad day, if I do say so myself. Couldn't have planned it better (although maybe a bath would have been nice).

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Short Fuse

[As transcribed by Daddy]

Daddy had the day off today, which was cool - but he also has a pretty brutal head cold, so... no fun. Anyway, we got him out of bed in time for lunch... Mommy headed out to do some gardening, so I stayed home with Daddy, and then got bored of hanging out with him and went over to play with Nee-Nee. We blew bubbles in the yard, which was awesome.

After Mommy came home, Daddy took Gammy over to the Toronto Archives to look up some family history, and I had something of a rough day - little teeny tiny things would set me off and make me cry.

We took Mommy's sewing machine and shoes to the sewing machine repair shop and the shoe repair shop respectively, and then came home for some dinner. I kept on crying and crying - I think I'm still exhausted from two days ago.

Friday, July 02, 2010

Thai Canada Day

[As transcribed by Daddy]

I was still kinda wiped out from yesterday's business for pretty much the whole day. However, it didn't stop me from getting up early and excited to go out on a picnic with Lisa and Matt and Leo!

After we got all of our stuff together, we headed out to the Scarborough Bluffs, ate a big picnic amongst the Canada Day throngs, and I even got to kick the soccer ball around and play with Leo and some other kid we met. Great times!

I really wanted to stay up and watch the fireworks tonight, but I could. Not. Bring. Myself. To Sleep. In the afternoon. No matter how hard I tried. I played video games instead, and hen joined my parents and grandparents for a delicious Thai dinner (what with it being Canada day) and pie. Then we went outside and played with sparklers (kinda cool) and bubbles (REALLY cool).

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Three Playgrounds and a Birthday

[As transcribed by Daddy]

Mommy and I hitched a ride with Grandpa over to the lake this morning... we walked along the boardwalk and then visited a playground, where I made a whole whackload of friends and played and played. Eventually we headed off and found another playground, where I played with other kids.

We walked over to the video game store, the shoe store, and the toy store... followed by the bookstore, the butcher, and the gluten-free bakery, where I ate a cupcake that would later come back to haunt me. We hit yet another playground, where I played with some kids, and then Mommy and I waited for the bus for what seemed like an eternity!

On the way home, the bags we were using to carry the meat from the butcher broke, sending our meat rolling all over the sidewalk. We rescued it, headed home, and were already exhausted when Daddy showed up to take us back to the store to get the last part of Gammy's birthday present.

We came home, gave Gammy her presents, watched some TV, and in the case of Mommy and I, skipped dinner due to tummy ache. And went to bed.

I would have liked the day more if we had gone to more playgrounds.

I'm a happy kid living with my parents and our dog in Toronto. I'm goofy, sweet, smart, extremely chatty, and pretty much the cutest kid on the face of the Earth!